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Needle Indicator

Old “Needle” style indicators were not designed to fit all aircraft.

*The indicators are manufactured from aluminum which requires the installation of tape or protective material around the edge to prevent scratching the spinner surface.

*With just 2 attach hooks it only fits a 2 bladed propeller. Any other propeller requires the use of tape to prevent sagging.

*The rubber bands used to secure the indicator do not provide enough tension for all installations. They weaken over time and often break.

*The diameter of the indicator cone will not fit securely on some spinners without adding filler material.

*Installation requires the needle to be perpendicular to the ground or friction will prevent accurate readings.

*Advertised as only being “Accurate within ½ degree”

TM solves all of these problems and more!

*Manufactured from strong and durable ABS material it will not scratch painted or polished spinners.

*With 6 attach hooks it provides secure attach points for any propeller blade combination.

*The 3 supplied bungees are manufactured from strong and durable surgical tubing with adjustable locks to ensure proper tension for any installation.

*The cone is designed to securely fit any aircraft spinner without the need for filler materials.

*Installation angle does not affect the indicators accuracy. It’s just as accurate on a 185 “Tail Dragger” as it is on a 172.

*Easy to read indicator eliminates "guess work" on timing idications.

*Digital indicator is accurate within .01 degrees.

Teledyne Continental MSB94-8D stresses the importance of correct magneto timing. This MSB recommends the old Eastern Technology Corp, Model E-25 Timing Indicator over those systems using a specific arm on the piston dome.

The Mag-Rite Timing Indicator is 50 times more accurate than the Eastern Technology Corp, Model E-25.

Cessna 185
Cessna 195
Malibu Mirage