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Rite System Kit

**Rite-System kits provide the technician with two precision tools in one unique package.

**Our innovative tooling will help increase productivity, aircraft reliability, and performance.

**Designed to meet the high quality and durability standards of the aviation industry.

**A rugged aluminum case helps to ensure tooling stays organized and secure.

**Mag-Rite and  Fly-Rite tools come with aLifetime Warranty

"Deluxe" or "Basic" kits available
**see our Web Store for details**

Deluxe Kit



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*Mag-Rite is the first magneto timing indicator to use advanced digital technology and is 50 times more accurate than “needle” style indicators.

*Quickly locates TDC and the easy to read digital indicator is accurate within .01 degrees. 

*Designed to securely fit any propeller spinner with the supplied adjustable bungees.

*Strong and durable ABS material will not damage painted or polished spinners.


*Fly-Rite utilizes the same precision digital indicator.

*Quickly and accurately helps set the proper deflection angle of flight control surfaces and propeller pitch angles.

*Reads 180 deg +/- to produce accurate control surface travel measurements.

*Durable ABS material is safe for all airframe surfaces.


Excellent book on "Owner Maintenance"
Save money and understand systems!

Great resource for all Beechcraft Owners

*One person can make a difference*

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